Фильм 2018 для смелых! " СТЕСНЯША " Русские мелодрамы 2018 новинки HD
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Фильм 2018 для смелых! " СТЕСНЯША " Русские мелодрамы 2018 новинки HD

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Two sisters, whose life is far from the best. Some time ago, Katya dreamed of a happy future, because academic success and the opportunity to marry a responsible person could open the doors of success for a girl, but her mother’s sudden death puts an end to bright dreams. As a result, Catherine needs to devote all the time to her younger sister, who has never been obedient - Daria always got into various dangerous situations. And now, when Dasha is threatened by her former boyfriend, the heroines have to leave her hometown.
The girls move to Aunt Liza’s house, which has its own hairdresser’s. A relative offers Kate a job, and her niece happily agrees. Customers are satisfied with the level of service, but the younger sister again spoils everything. As a result of the bad deed, the heroines are again deprived of a roof over their heads, but the client from the hairdressing salon offers a way out of a difficult situation.
Rosa has her own restaurant business where her older sister can get a job. All the time, Katya devotes herself to work and tries to please her boss, and Dasha only does what is in the clouds and idle. When in the life of the acting characters come the bright band?

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