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It’s Complicated (2009)

If you’re a woman whose children have left the nest and all you see now are opportunities to live your life, you’ll love It’s Complicated. I’m nowhere near the film’s target demographic and was still able to enjoy it as an intelligent, sometimes romantic, sometimes a little bit too sweet comedy.Jane (Meryl Streep), whose last son is now leaving the family home looks forward to using the newfound space to build the kitchen she’s always wanted. The problem is her ex-husband Jake (Alec Baldwin). He cheated on her with a much younger woman whom he later married, but that was ten years ago already. She’s moved on. Unfortunately, after an evening alone, they wind up in bed together. It turns into an affair, which is wrong, but simultaneously feels so right.
If Meryl Streep’s character resembles you even a little, you don’t stand a chance against this film. She’s an attractive woman that’s been traded in for a younger, more energetic model (Lake Bell) but still has it going on. Not only is her ex pining after her, architect Adam (Steve Martin) also can’t resist romancing her when he isn’t helping build the new kitchen. She’s the beloved mother of three perfect children. Jane runs her own business, a successful bakery that serves mouth-watering delights (there’s a lot of food porn on-screen). There’s a lot of sexual situations, but they’re the safe kind no one will do much more than blush at. It’s a little much but for some, that’s what they’ll want.There’s a mix of intelligent comedy and farcical elements, mostly involving Jane trying to avoid people finding out about the affair or someone finding out about the affair and not wanting to let on, and so on. Also enjoyable are the romantic moments, the numerous dates Jane is taken on sweep her off her feet and leave her feeling rejuvenated. Yes, it’s certainly catering to a certain crowd.For the rest of us, It’s Complicated is enjoyable but on a lesser level. The performances are what make the film and make up for goofier bits of comedy. Needless to say, Meryl Streep is excellent. I’d go as far as to call Alec Baldwin perfectly cast. Steve Martin fits his role well. He’s the right mix of romantic, fun and slightly vulnerable to counterbalance Jake’s boisterous, randy charm. What I enjoyed most about it is that it’s different from typical Hollywood romantic comedies. At times the plot is driven by a big secret, but the secret has a reason for existing and a reason for being kept… well secret. It’s about a woman having an affair with her ex-husband. How much more complicated of a situation can you get? You’re just going to have to *gulp* get over the fact that the characters may just remind you of your own parents… who may or may not be having sex now that you’ve moved out of the house…
At several points, It’s Complicated is a fantasy. I doubt my siblings and I will ever gather in a room on the verge of tears waiting for mom to come and fix things and it lays it on thick with making Jane this perfect picture of a single, older woman. How does she find the time to maintain her massive garden between all the cooking, mothering and romance? Nonetheless, it struck a cord. It’s Complicated features a smart script, terrific chemistry between the leads, excellent performances, an atypical story and has an unearthly appreciation for finely baked treats. It’s a great date movie for “refined” couples. (On DVD, July 12, 2014)

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