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Sorry for Your Loss (2018)

Sorry for Your Loss (2018)
If you’re looking for some laughs and you’ve seen every other big-name comedy, then Sorry for Your Loss might be worth checking out as a rental. It isn’t anything special but it’s entertaining while it lasts and succeeds at what it sets out to do.
New dad Ken (Justin Bartha) has just learned his estranged father has passed away. In order to receive his inheritance, he’s tasked with fulfilling the avid golfer’s final wishes and spreading his ashes over Investor’s Group stadium - a task easier said than done.
While this plot may not be new, it’s got some appeal. Obviously, Ken is met with a number of obstacles along the way. If it isn’t the field’s strict “no human remains” policy, it’s an untrustworthy janitor (Stephen Eric McIntyre). There are also dramatic issues plaguing him. With his mother (Lolita Davidovich) not being particularly parental, Ken feels as though he isn’t capable of fatherly affection, which drives a wedge between him and his wife, Lori (Inbar Lavi). Her frigid, “I’ve just pushed out a baby, give me a break!” attitude makes the sexy friend of a friend (Sandrine Holt) he meets even more tempting. All of these characters deliver one or two laughs each, which is enough to carry you through. Bruce Greenwood as Ken’s father’s former best friend Jeff is good in his role and has many of the film’s best lines but you’ll hate his character. Racist, misogynist, and sex-obsessed, sometimes he’s so outrageous he’ll make you smile but most of the time, you wish he’d just go away and return to the 70’s sex comedy which spawned him.
What I can’t understand is the plot’s utter lack of urgency. If my worst enemy (which, in case you’re wondering, is Mike Schneider, director of Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated) left me an enormous sum of money in exchange for any kind of outrageous task, I’d do it. Ken, on the other hand, is perpetually reluctant to get his mission done. Ken’s only got two days to dump those ashes but he never runs. Then again, no one ever tries to prevent him from completing his mission despite a clause stipulating the money will go to a golf club should the ashes not be dumped. Feels sloppy.
Sorry for Your Loss is the spawn of a small production and considering this, the movie is fine. I got sufficient laughs to call it worth my time. In fact, I treasure a small part of the experience because I recognized one of the actresses in it! We took acting classes together back when I was stupid enough to think attending them might be a good way to impress this girl I liked. That’s a story for another day, however - one probably more interesting than this movie. (Theatrical version on the big screen, June 11, 2019)

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