Eyes for David (2014)
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Eyes for David (2014)

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An author invites a wanderer into his home for lunch, but they both have a secret and sinister agenda.

"Eyes for David" is my senior project. It was shelved because the music was not royalty-free (it was the score from 2013's "Evil Dead" remake). Finally, after five years, and thanks to Truine Digital, I was able to rearrange a new score for the film. One that he likes and one that can be posted online.

Truine Digital sells not only complete pieces for your film's score, but also the individual tracks or instrumentals used for those pieces. You can take them apart, recombine them, add, remove, speed up, slow down, until you've created something that fits your scene.

They are not sponsoring this short, but I'd like to give the site a shoutout because of how helpful it is for filmmakers. They don't just have music, they have VFX assets, Color Grading LUTs, and more great products. Check them out: https://www.triunedigital.com/.

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