Film & Fishnets - the talk show - interview with actor Galen Howard
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Film & Fishnets - the talk show - interview with actor Galen Howard

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Galen Howard is a character actor you and I have seen more than a billion times. He’s gotten wet and wild under UV lights for over 2 million thirsty souls in The Smashing Pumpkins’ “Solara.” His supermodel-assisted cannoli binge for Weezer’s “Thank God for Girls” has catered to the desires of over 3.6 million hungry food play and Femdom fetishists. His supermarket striptease into sparkly latex briefs for Galantis’ “Peanut Butter Jelly” bagged over 116 million views. As one of many objectified men in Elle King’s hyper-female-gaze-y “Ex’s and Oh’s,” Galen’s towel-clad dad bod embodies the epitome of male submission, servicing Queen King with foot worship for an audience of more than 136 million. His most family-friendly role, a sweet turn as doughy donut shop employee in Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” has a whopping ONE BILLION plus views.
Galen has jokingly referred to himself as a “music video ho,” and though some might laugh (“what, this guy?!”), his career backs up the assertion. Including the aforementioned work, he’s appeared in over 60 music videos including Neon Indian’s “Slumlord Rising,” Bleachers’ “(Alfie’s Song) Not So Typical Love Song,” Cheerleader’s “A Million Ways,” Slugabed’s “Infinite Wave,” MIJA’s “Dead Flowers & Cigarettes,” Z Berg’s “Time Flies,” Death Cab for Cutie’s “Gold Rush,” Shinedown’s “Monsters,” THEORY’s “Straightjacket,” and so on. He’s been on the beloved TV shows Brooklyn 99 and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., his web work includes comedic sketches on major channels like SMOSH, YOMYOMF, Mandatory, and Buzzfeed, and he was a lead in the indie features Children of Sorrow, Saving Flora, and the upcoming Moon Manor.
On top of all this, for a few months over the summer, I was lucky enough to call him my boyfriend. This is only a partial interview from earlier in the relationship, meant to accompany an article on Galen on the F&F site. As it stands, now that the relationship is over, neither the written profile nor the video interview are complete. But we're both more than this BS.... so, to learn about Galen, follow him on IG: For more from me, please visit:,,,,

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