How do I build strength in the gym? | Ask Jessie
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How do I build strength in the gym? | Ask Jessie

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Question: How do you get so strong? I get stuck using the same weights and I need some facts on how to build strength for women. Answer: it takes time, and you need to have a strategic plan in place for it. Improve your strength and cardiovascular capabilities and you need a plan of attack. You need what I call "progressive overload" which means, over time, you are getting "progressively" better with a plan of attack in mind.

Say you deadlift 150 pounds at the gym. Keep an eye on form so you can journal and take notes on your experience. If you felt good, the next week you can increase your deadlift by 20 pounds. That increase may be a struggle, so make sure to journal your thoughts and feelings. Take crazy notes on the lifts, even if they're crappy. Remember: sleep, fuel and stress also affect your workouts!

At the same time, deadlifting 150 pounds to 230 pounds in five weeks is setting unrealistic goals for yourself. You will have weaker days so you can't always increase your weight as much as the week prior! Keep in mind small progression is still progression! For example: lessening your rest periods over time. Bottom line: stay consistent in the gym, and eat to fuel them. No exceptions!

XO, Jessie Hilgenberg

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