How to Make Oyster Motoyaki Recipe with Bebexo
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How to Make Oyster Motoyaki Recipe with Bebexo

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Easy Oyster Motoyaki Recipe with my sister, Nee, aka Bebexo. :)
Thumbs up for more easy DIY recipes!
These savoury oyster motoyaki custards will surely please the crowd!

Japanese restaurants usually serve two pieces of oyster motoyaki for around $6-$8. This delicious appetizer is can easily be made at home for a fraction of the price and in this video, we'll show you how! Enjoy!

Ingredients (adjust the amount to your liking):
- Oysters
- Onions + Green Onions
- Mushrooms
- Japanese Mayonnaise (Kewpie Brand)
- Custard cups or tin cups

Thanks for watching!

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