The Queen Of He{Arts} - Trailer
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The Queen Of He{Arts} - Trailer

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The Queen Of Hearts is a hidden secret of Penang beyond the norm of what is "art, heritage and culture". It looks at one woman's visionary action giving birth to opportunities for local artists to showcase their creativity. Her passion in contributing to the flourishing of artistic talents in Penang inspired us to share this story.
Director/Dop: Ozair Rao
Producer: Nazreen Rao
Produced by: &
Music: Peter Rudenko - Night Palette Reprise , Kai Engel - Moonlight Reprise, Fabrizio Paterlin - Veloma
Special Thanks To: Queen, Luisa, Fish, Nana, Ksatriya & David
Produced on: 1st June, 2014
Equipment Used:
Camera & Lenses: GH3, 14-140mm 4-5.6, 20mm 1.7
Sound: H1n & Colar Mic
Post Production: Sony Vegas Pro 12 & After Effects
Color Correction: Magic Bullet Looks - A Creative Hot Spot For All Your Video Production Needs

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