The Story Behind ADP - Be The Change - Rest Will Follow
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The Story Behind ADP - Be The Change - Rest Will Follow

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Описание The Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP) is a volunteer-driven, engaged philanthropy organization that funds carefully selected development projects run by local NGOs in Pakistan. We support projects in a range of sectors including economic empowerment, environment, healthcare, education and energy.
Founded in 2003 by a group of students and young professionals in Boston who were looking to play an active role in developing Pakistan, ADP started out by supporting small scale initiatives in the health and education sectors. However it was in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake that ADP discovered its true potential. Within months, ADP raised and disbursed more than three hundred and seventy thousand dollars as part of disaster relief efforts. In addition to channelizing funds, ADP also oversaw the reconstruction of a hospital, homes and a school as part of its earthquake rehabilitation program. Once the relief efforts subsided, ADP decided to shift its focus back towards sustainable development at the grassroots level- only this time with a stronger belief in its ability to do so.
To date, ADP's volunteers have identified, evaluated and funded thirty four projects across twenty five Pakistani cities and towns, disbursing over three hundred thousand dollars. With hundreds of highly educated registered volunteers spread all over the world, ADP today is a truly global organization providing a unique platform to help develop Pakistan.
Client: Association Development Of Pakistan
Director, DOP, Editor & Affects: Ozair Rao -
Produced on: 25th December, 2012
Produced By: Artistrocrat
Special Thanks to: Paradox Studio - A Creative Hot Spot For All Your Video Production Needs

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