Yellow House - Volunteer Hostel - Malaysia
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Yellow House - Volunteer Hostel - Malaysia

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Описание Yellow House KL is an unique house, built by my late father in mid 80’s. Initially the structure was just a shack, not even a house. I remember seeing zinc sheets as walls. The ground was flooded with rain water all the time from it being an tin mining area in the 50’s. Which means we have a lot of sand. All the sand that was used to build the house was dug up from the site itself, he said not even one sack of sand was bought!
My late grandfather, who helped with the construction, went looking for construction rubble, bricks, stones etc everyday using a wheelbarrow. They replaced the sand they took with these discarded materials and compacted the foundation. Even the wooden doors were reused and bought cheap from another renovation nearby. So I guess we are just continuing the reusing principles which was started so long ago.
I know now how I got the crazy streak. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and hopefully will carry on volunteering.
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